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  • Preview image:  Willy Tonka and the raspberry factory Food June 01, 2017

    Willy Tonka and the raspberry factory When heavenly caramel flavors meet fresh berries and creamy vanilla

    Not chocolate (although we love it dearly!) but the intense caramel flavor of tonka beans gives this smoothie its almost dessert like character. Add in creamy vanilla, fresh raspberries and aromatic mint leaves and you have the perfect start to a hot summer day. Not cool enough? Freeze the smoothie...

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  • Preview image:  Making Sex Sustainable Lifestyle May 26, 2017

    Making Sex Sustainable ... with fair-trade condoms and matching cosmetics

    Oliver Gothes trip into sustainable sex began when he started producing fair-trade, organic condoms. Now the German business man in venturing into cosmetics made with ingredients fairly sourced from sustainable farmers in Third World countries and without animal products or testing ... 

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  • Preview image:  How yoga turned me vegan Lifestyle May 23, 2017

    How yoga turned me vegan Yoga-columnist Alice talks about the real yogi-food

    Ovo-lacto-vegetarianism became the latest thing when yoga entered our Western world. Suddenly new age yoga enthusiasts found themselves gorging on gluten free bread packed with cheese and oh so low-carb sunny side ups. The problem: well, real Yogis actually don’t consume eggs. At least not in vast...

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  • Preview image:  Hotel-Hero: Pagua Bay House, Dominica Travel May 19, 2017

    Hotel-Hero: Pagua Bay House, Dominica A sustainable hideaway on the coast of the Caribbeans eco paradise

    Like visiting old friends somewhere in the middle of tropical nowhere. That's pretty much how it feels when walking up the broad stone staircase to the Pagua Bay House situated secluded in the name giving Pagua Bay on the northeastern coast of Dominica. Once you've reached the top of the stairs...

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